Traveling is an extremely exciting endeavor, with many people basing their lifestyles around creating the flexibility to explore new parts of the world. However, much of the luster of an exciting getaway can get lost when spending an entire day (or more) recovering from after-flight fatigue. This is especially true when traveling to Las Vegas, an action-packed city that does not wait for those on the struggle bus. Fortunately, mobile IV therapy has emerged as an effective solution for helping travelers quickly recover from the debilitating effects of travel. Keep reading as we explore how Las Vegas IV therapy is changing the game in travel fatigue recovery.

Causes of Post-Travel Fatigue

There are many reasons why travelers experience post-flight fatigue, commonly known as jet lag.

A primary reason is that quick travel across time zones can throw the body’s natural rhythms out of whack. Your body has a series of circadian rhythms, which function as a sort of natural bedtime and alarm clock. When you quickly change time zones, your body does not have time to make the necessary adjustments to keep your sleep cycles on track.

Another major factor in post-travel fatigue is dehydration. Many travelers simply do not consume enough fluids when flying. Whether they forgot their water bottle at the security checkpoint or simply do not want to be getting up in-flight to use the restroom, fluid consumption is usually greatly restricted when flying. This is exacerbated by changing elevations during flight and the cramped, sweaty conditions of the cabin. Unfortunately, chugging a couple of bottles of water upon arrival is too little, too late for most travelers to ward off the onset of jet lag.

A final cause of after-flight fatigue is, well, lack of sleep. Many travelers have to get up in the wee hours to make it to their gate on time, upsetting their natural sleep pattern. Furthermore, most sleep onboard the plane is fitful, at best, leaving travelers in need of rejuvenation upon arrival at their destination.

Symptoms of Post-Travel Fatigue

There is a seemingly endless array of post-travel fatigue symptoms. A few of the most common include:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sluggishness
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration

While you may experience some or all of these symptoms, they can take days to recover from if not properly addressed, making post-flight IV therapy an intriguing option.

How IV Therapy Can Improve Post-Travel Fatigue

There are several ways in which IV therapy can improve post-travel fatigue.

First, it introduces fluids directly to the bloodstream. This allows for instantaneous rehydration, as it does not require the traveler to wait for swallowed water to be absorbed by the body.

In addition, IV therapy can be expertly crafted to provide nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes that will specifically benefit your body. A brief consultation with a registered IV administrator will allow them to assess your body composition and medical history to determine the perfect cocktail to serve your needs.

Finally, while IV therapy will not replace sleep itself, it can potentially allow you to achieve more rejuvenating sleep at your destination. By alleviating other common jet lag symptoms, travelers may be in a position to achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep at their hotel or vacation rental.

Why Las Vegas Travel Results in Fatigue

Although there are plenty of reasons to consider post-flight IV therapy anywhere you go, Las Vegas is a unique destination for which IV therapy has added benefits.

Vegas is located in the Pacific time zone, which is the westernmost time zone in the continental United States. As such, when travelers arrive in Vegas, it can feel like bedtime even though the sun is still shining. Combined with the warm, dry air for which Las Vegas is well-known, travelers can feel extremely sluggish as they try to finish out their day in the warm desert climate.

In addition, Vegas is a city of action. Sure, some people simply want to come to Vegas to kick back and relax by a resort pool, but many Vegas travelers have jam-packed itineraries that include around-the-clock entertainment. It is important to feel rested and refreshed to experience all that the city has to offer.

Finally, Vegas is a premier destination for conferences and events. While the city is usually jam-packed with tourists enjoying all of the bright lights and stimulation, there is an equally large population in town for conventions, trade shows, and corporate meetings who can only “experience” Vegas after hours. If you fall into this category, it is important to be well rested and hydrated to work and play at your fullest potential, making mobile IV therapy a unique solution.

Fatigue Relief: IV Therapy as a Post-Travel Solution

For all of the excitement of travel, post-flight fatigue is a symptom that travelers would love to avoid. This is especially true for Vegas destinations, as the city does not wait around for people who need extra time to recover. By exploring mobile IV therapy as a quick and effective way of restoring the body’s post-flight equilibrium, travelers can make the most of any trip to Las Vegas.

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