Mother’s Day is all about taking some time to let your mom know how special and unique she is. Unfortunately, all too many people get sucked into banal traditions that are anything but special and unique. A spray of roses. Mother’s Day brunch. Think outside the box and do something one-of-a-kind for your mom this year. Keep reading for some creative ideas on how to treat your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Create an At-Home Spa Day

Mom deserves to be pampered on her special day. The problem is that every other child in the Las Vegas area likely agrees with you. This can make booking a spa appointment nearly impossible. 

Take matters into your own hands by creating a stunning at-home spa experience. Buy her candles, warm her bath towels, and build an oasis in which she can retreat for a few hours. Look into at-home services, such as mobile IV therapy for mothers, as well. This unique therapy provides an instant boost of key fluids and micronutrients that will leave mom feeling rejuvenated and refreshed to enjoy her special day to the fullest. 

2. Cook Her a Meal

Taking mom out to brunch is a thoughtful gesture. Unfortunately, if you do not have a reservation at one of Vegas’ trendy spots already, mom’s special day will be spent waiting for a table to open.

Avoid the hassle by cooking her a favorite meal this Mother’s Day. Brunch in bed, dinner by candlelight–you name it. Ask mom what she wants and do the rest yourself. 

3. Finish Her To-Do List

There are no “business hours” for being a mom. It is a 24/7 endeavor that can be emotionally and physically draining, especially considering that many moms are juggling a career around being a parent. 

As such, only moms know how quickly the to-do list can get backlogged. Grocery shopping, household chores, pet grooming, and any other day-to-day task is put on the backburner to being a mom. Lessen mom’s workload this Mother’s Day by finishing her to-do list for her. 

4. Share an Activity Together

Above gifts and luxury, every mom wants quality time with her children. Give her what she wants with a shared activity this Mother’s Day. Whether it is cooking a meal together, engaging in a new craft, or doing volunteer work in the community, create an unforgettable experience by sharing an activity. 

5. Treat Her to a Picnic

Everyone cherises those childhood memories of packing up a picnic lunch and heading to the park for an afternoon in the sun. What most probably don’t remember is all of the work mom had to go through to make that picnic happen. Preparing the food, gathering the sunscreen and blankets, and making sure everyone had what they needed was likely no “picnic” for your mother. Turn the tables and treat your mom to a picnic this Mother’s Day. You do all of the work yourself and simply allow your mom to enjoy some time in the warm Vegas air. 

6. Attend an Event

Mom’s have undoubtedly missed some events over the years. School nights, sick kids, and other day-to-day responsibilities continually kept her from cutting loose. Make up for lost time by getting her tickets to a favorite event. Live music, theater, festivals–you name it. Let mom pick her poison for a night of unbridled fun.

7. Join Her in Exercise

There are plenty of fit moms in the Las Vegas area. Exercise is a key component of the Vegas lifestyle, as many mom’s want to look and feel their best to enjoy pool days and warm weather to the fullest.

However, mom wellness is not all about being “fit.” Exercise is proven to release key endorphins that boost mood and emotional wellbeing. According to Kaiser Permanente, it can even improve relationships, as people who exercise together show more satisfaction in their relationships than those who exercise alone. So go on a brisk walk, hop on a bike, or throw on the yoga pants with mom this Mother’s Day to bring yourselves closer through the power of sweat. 

8. Visit Friends or Relatives

Mothers are often the ones who tie the family together. They typically transcend family drama to keep relationships intact. Do your part this Mother’s Day by making the effort yourself. Schedule some time to take mom and visit long-lost friends or relatives. 

9. Establish a New Tradition

It’s easy to say “make every day Mother’s Day.” Being a mom never stops, and neither should your appreciation for this special person. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way, and it can be difficult to express our appreciation as often as we like. What you can do this year is pledge to make all future Mother’s Days unique and memorable. Whether it is one of the ideas listed above or something else that piques your interest, establish a new tradition for celebrating this special holiday that will distinguish your bond with your mother from everyone else. 

Go the Extra Mile This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gift ideas are all about reminding your mom how special she is. The celebration should match the occasion. Therefore, think outside the box and go the extra mile to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day.

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